TIFFY is Boston based multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, Tiffany Sammy.

Emerging in September 2018, Tiffany has been active in the local and greater boston music scene. Playing 30 shows since then with her live band - consisting of Patrick Niland and Rotating Co. - at regional favorite venues and spaces with touring and local up and coming acts.

As a Southern California native turned New England transplant, Tiffany’s sound has evolved through the many phases and transitions in her life.

Drawing early inspiration from a span of diverse genres, she has encountered all her musical endeavors as a sort of “trial-and-error” process to refine her style. she’s bounced in and out of bands, feeling the pressure to conform to their sounds and trying to fight the inevitable feeling of rejection when it wasn’t a perfect fit.

Rather than put her music into a box that fits in just-so, Tiffany rearranged the boxes to work within her own space, and continues to shuffle them around.

Her debut EP Fire Sale , a collection of bedroom fuzz pop and soft punk songs, was released in May 2019.

Tiffany self-recorded the EP and is the sole writer, composer, producer and performs on/programs all instruments for each track. While boldly a solo endeavor, the individual nature of each song prompted her to collaborate with different mix engineers to comprise the EP and develop each track’s unique sound. The resulting piece as a whole is alluring; Fire Sale is inherently collective and defiant of conventional boundaries.